A Cisco Partner


Expanding Horizons-More Training Domains

    We Excel in Following Areas of Training

    • Curriculum and Course Content Development

      Emerging technologies have become some of the hottest areas of job growth, and it’s no surprise that a deluge of training programs have become available to meet the demand.

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    • Custom Labs

      You learn best by doing. That’s why we create, automate, integrate, manage and deploy various types of cloud-based lab workspaces that allow personalized, hands-on practice. These labs are fully customized, aligned to individual training needs to yield stronger business results

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    Transformative, Cisco-Authorized Training

    Nirvana Infotech is proud to be a Cisco Learning Partner. That means we are authorized to educate and train Cisco customers and partners to better understand, design, implement and support Cisco products, technologies, architectures, and solutions.

    We build training solutions for other brands, too. Every training experience we build is personalized to your specific business needs and desired outcomes. Expect to see better results, faster.

    The Cisco NirvanaInfoTech Connection

    We are proud that Cisco has chosen to partner with Nirvana Infotech to help introduce customers to its hyperconverged and other latest offerings. Our team has collaborated closely with the product development and go-to-market teams to design training for Cisco and Partner AMs and SEs, mentored deployment, and end users. Stay on the forefront of your industry. Let us help you explore and test drive Cisco’s latest solutions.

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    Our Services Suit

    • Containers and Microservices

      Software evolves at a breakneck speed. Many organizations are considering adopting containerized data centers as the path to more secure, automated application delivery process.View more →

    • Private Cloud with OpenStack

      An in-house private cloud offers power, efficiency and security. But the complexity and cost of virtualization and cloud software deter many companies from implementing a private cloud. View more →

    • Cloud Adoption and Technology Transformation Services

      Let our team of technical experts and developers help you transform your technology and achieve business results faster.View more →

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